What To Expect From A Pole Dancing Class

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If you’re looking into pole dancing classes for the first time, the chances are you are looking into what will actually happen when you get there.  Will you need to strip? will you fall off the pole? is everyone going to be dangling upside down whilst you’re still hanging on for dear life much like a Koala?

Fear not, there is absolutely nothing to be worried about. If you’re a complete beginner head to the beginners class (no matter how fit you are) just to see the kind of standard you’re at but aside from picking the right level class, there’s nothing else to worry about.

However, below I wanted to explain some of the fears I had and just show you what you can actually expect from a pole dancing class.

However, What Can You Actually Expect From A Pole Dancing Class?

what to expect from a pole dancing class

  • Expect the people who think they are better than everybody else. I don’t mean to put you off but there are people like this in every single class you will ever attend and whilst they do make people feel inferior, they shouldn’t. Chances are they aren’t that good anyway and you really should just ignore them and just do you.


  • Expect to fall! It won’t hurt nearly as much as you think as most good pole dancing studios have adequate flooring and soft mats to fall onto. Perhaps you won’t fall on your first spin around the pole but there will come a time when you fall and you really shouldn’t worry about it, no good pole dancer got as far as they have without a few tumbles.


  • You will most likely ache like hell the next day. If you’re new to exercise and stretching, it’s almost guaranteed the next day you will feel tense behind your legs, your arms will hurt and there may even be areas you didn’t know could ache that is aching. This is nothing to worry about and is a sign that you worked really hard, however, stretching afterwards will help prevent pain.


  • You may have to demo your mastered move in front of the class, this is how the teacher can get a good look at you if you are in a crowded class. Don’t be embarrassed about this part, it’s all part of learning and you will hopefully receive some feedback. However, if this sounds like hell to you (it did to me!) I really recommend you read up on my Online Pole Dancing Course Review. It’s a course I took online that allowed me to extend my skills and learn from the basics, all from the comfort of my own home.


  • Sweating is a given at a pole dancing class, it will happen and it will happen a lot. Your legs will squeak on the pole, your belly will stick but you won’t be alone as everyone starts sweating. Pole dancing is really intense and a great form of workout, so look at sweat as just extra fat burning.


  • Don’t expect to be amazing at your first pole dancing class, some people walk in thinking they will be able to perform most tricks but in all honesty, it can take months and months of hard work to even hold yourself up right! Start slowly, go to your limits and don’t push yourself too far or you may end up with an injury. Any exercise you do is great and by just learning the basics of pole dancing and getting your heart rate up is a step in the right direction.


  • Pole burn is real and it freaking hurts! This happens to anyone at any level when you’re mastering new tricks and trying to position yourself on the pole, it will hurt but eventually, it stops and it will be so satisfying.


  • Something I hated about one class I used to attend was having to share the pole with another student. This only happens in really busy classes but I find it just ruins the rhythm I am in and it feels as if your pole sharing buddy is silently judging you. This is another reason I tried an at home pole dancing course, I just didn’t like to share my pole!


  • Just know if you’re joining a beginner class there will be people in there who are far better than you because they just shouldn’t be in there, the same goes for any class. For some reason, some people like to feel the best and don’t move up in the ranks OR they are just perfecting the beginner moves until they move up. Don’t feel disheartened by these people, the teacher will be far more interested in you and what they can make you do.


  • Nobody is watching you and nobody is judging you. All of you are doing the same thing, some grasp it quicker than others but nobody is sat there thinking that you are the worst and that you shouldn’t be there. The teacher wants you there and if you’re the competitive type, a newbie is a great competition.


  • Going with a friend if you’re nervous does make it a lot easier to relax and just go for it but, whenever I used to attend classes with a friend I found I spent my time giggling and never really progressing. It’s fun but if you’re looking into actually getting fit and learning how to pole dance, going with a friend might not be the best idea. Something I would suggest if you can’t bear to go without the confidence of a friend (totally understand) is to go with your friend but try an online course (Like this one I tried) for when you get home and are alone


  • Most people at the class will be wearing tight shorts and a sports bra or some form of tight fitting clothing. The tighter the better when it comes to pole dancing, trust me. The beginner classes may be filled with people still wearing their T-shirts but once you make your way up the ranks you will find some people prefer to just wear some form of bra and panties, this is just a given with pole dancing.

The Conclusion And Why You Should Just Go For It

What To Expect From A Pole Dancing Class

If there’s anything holding you back from trying pole dancing you need to get past it, it’s changed my life and loads of other people by making fitness more fun and addictive.

Just go for it and if you don’t like it you have nothing lost, if you do like it then you gain everything.

What To Expect From A Pole Dancing Class

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