How Much Does A Pole Dancing Class Usually Cost?

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If you’re getting ready to learn pole dancing you will probably be a little nervous about how much this fitness hobby may cost you.

As someone who has been to lots of different classes, I’m going to guide you with the price you will usually be paying, how you can get it cheaper and what you need to bring to your lesson.

As always I’m open to a chat, so if you have any questions before you go to your pole dancing class let me know in the comments below.

Average Price Of A Pole Dancing Class

So, most people who want to become really good at pole dancing get a private teacher, this allows them to train at their own level and have constant feedback from the teacher.

Private is the best way to learn but is also the most expensive with the average class costing around $90 – $120 per hour and up to $125 – $150 for 90 minutes.

You may be shocked at this point and thinking, how the hell does it cost so much money?

Well, that’s for private lessons, the second you go to a group class the price shoots down to $10 – $40 for an hour or $30 – $60 per person, for two hours.

That isn’t bad at all and the only thing you will be sacrificing is the one-on-one feedback.

Another downside is that it’s hard to teach a group class because everyone is on different levels, so you will find yourself staying at the same level much longer than is needed.

Is there a cheaper way? 

There’s two, one I’ll tell you about down below and the other I’ll share here.

  • Go to a gym with pole dancing as an exercise.

Pole dancing is becoming a big fitness trend and that means your big gyms will start having classes included in your gym membership.

So, you can either join a pole dancing gym, you will usually pay around $80 – $100 per month and gain access to all classes and gym equipment, or find a normal gym that has lessons included in the membership.

The first is easier, as there are lots of pole dancing gyms around the world, as for gyms with pole dancing classes there is only a few, but it’s a trend that’s growing quickly.

Another way to get the price down is to pay monthly, the chances are you will like pole dancing after the first few classes, at that point start paying monthly as they will likely give you a big discount.

What You Can Pay Extra For


You can pay a lot more for a pole dancing class if you’re in a private or small group of three, you can also pay a lot more if your class has these exercises included:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Weight Loss

It may seem a little weird that pole dancing teachers are so spiritual, but from the classes I’ve been to it seems to be a theme.

So, if you enjoy meditation/yoga you may pay extra for your sessions as it’ll include all your stretching and mind control.

Now, with weight loss, you will usually pay less for the overall lesson. Usually, pole dancing for weight loss is cheaper as it’s less technical and always an hour or under.

Keep that in mind if you’re someone who has just started out, wants to lose weight and gain strength, you can get your money’s worth out of a real pole dancing class.

Try Online Pole Dancing Classes

price of pole dancing classes

You do have one more option, if paying upwards of $300 per month to dedicate yourself to pole dancing is too much you can try online pole dancing lessons.

One of the writers on this blog recently spent two months learning from a pole dancing course and she improved her skills more than she ever has in a year of real-life lessons.

I then took a look at it and I can honestly say that if I didn’t use pole dancing classes as a way to stay connected with my friends and the writers on this blog, I would just stick to the home lessons, as since I’ve started training at home I’ve mastered lots of techniques, fixed my form, improved my skills unlike ever before and saved loads of money on classes.

If you want to see a case study of the girl who tried it for two months go to her online class review and case study.

Doesn’t it cost a fortune to buy a pole?

Nope, you can get them on Amazon for under $90 and they are portable and can be installed anywhere with a floor and roof, within munites and without any permits.

It’s what I and all the girls I know use to practice at home.

What You Will Need To Bring

pole dancing class cost

Most pole dancing classes will provide everything you need, from pole, to crash matt, some provide a little extra stuff, but the basics you need will be covered.

You will just need to wear nice, tight clothing and bring a pair of socks.

You can usually just message the studio and ask them what everyone else wears and if they recommend you bring anything.

I’d always bring a nice big bottle of water as most of these places don’t sell it and a pole dancing session can get very hot and sweaty, so it’s good to have a little water on standby.

Do You Need To Know How To Pole Dance

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If you’re a complete beginner I’d recommend you start with online classes (if you’re serious), this gives you a massive edge when you go to a real lesson.

However, most classes will be titled, beginner, intermediate and expert class, you can pick the category you fall under and then you’ll be fine.

You will always find in beginner classes that there are some show-offs who don’t need to be there, but a beginner is for any level.

The only downside about beginner classes is that you will get stuck between beginner and intermediate and find that each lesson is the same, that’s why I recommend doing beginner classes once per week and then spending the rest of the time doing online classes.

How Much Does A Pole Dancing Pool Cost?

cost of pole dancing pole

If you’re interested in practicing in the comfort of your own home then you can buy a pole dancing pole for around $80 – $600.

Now I’ve personally used $80 all the way up to $1000 + poles and there’s no difference.

The real difference comes with installation, the best are the ones that are secured in place with a drill, however, I have a pole that cost under $100 at home and is portable, took about 10 minutes to setup and has worked fine for years.

So, if you’re a beginner don’t invest in expensive equipment, it’s just not needed, you can get the same out of a cheap $88 pole from Amazon and you don’t have the pain of installing a $600 permanent pole (which is lots of work).

How To Find Pole Dancing Lessons

pole dancing studio finder

Another thing we get asked all the time is people wondering how to find pole dancing lessons near them.

I use two methods:

  • Google

Just google “pole dancing studio + [your town/city].

This will bring up all the pole dancing studios around you and you can just pick the highest reviewed or one that speaks out to you more.

  • Directories

You can use a site like or if you’re in England

These websites will help you locate pole dancing places in both America and England in a matter of minutes.

I still use Google first just to check the places out, but if you have no options directories can be a perfect way to find your class.

I’m open for questions, so if you have any then leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to help you out as soon as I can.

How Much Does A Pole Dancing Class Usually Cost

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