What Does Pole Dancing Do To Your Body?

What Does Pole Dancing Do To Your Body?

Everyone has different results with pole dancing but it can be an amazing way to lose weight and tone up your body, obviously this goes hand in hand with a healthy and balanced diet but, if you eat great and pole dance, you will notice your body getting toned in places you did not even know existed.

Aside from just ‘toning up’ your body there’s plenty that it actually does to your body and mind and there’s a few of us that are behind this website and all of us wanted to share a little bit of what we found pole dancing did to us and what it did to our bodies, all of which we detailed below.

If you’re looking for a pole dancing class make sure you check out the best pole dancing class we found online. It goes into detail on learning pole dancing from the comfort of your own home and how much better it actually is than attending classes.

There are so many people on this earth who have also tried pole dancing and you might be one of them so if you are, let us know what it did to your body. I have found there are so many new things I keep finding out every single day about pole dancing and reading them all gives me, even more, love for this sport.

What It Did To Our Bodies

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  • It really relaxes me and gives me a clear mind after a stressful day, I guess it’s just like with any exercise, it releases happy chemicals into the brain and I find that if I don’t go to my pole dancing class at least three times a week, I am so stressed and nothing else can calm me down like attending a pole dancing does. It’s different from going on a run or doing a cardio workout, it’s more fulfilling and brings me much more enjoyment than a run.
  • I lost quite a lot of weight and decided to give pole dancing a go, I didn’t go to tone up my body but I found my body toning itself and looking great! No ab exercise could ever do what pole dancing did to my body in those first few months. It gave me so much confidence and really helped me keep on track with fitness journey, I even bought my own pole that I set up in my home, I practice on it a few times a week!
  • Dancing has always been in my family, however, I gave it up to pursue my career behind a desk. I looked back into dancing a few years ago and just didn’t feel comfortable being with people so young anymore so I looked into pole dancing and it has given me so much of my old confidence back, I have never felt more confident naked, its made my body more supple, stronger and more flexible. I attend a class for more mature ladies and I even have my own pole set up in my spare bedroom at home, nothing naughty goes on in there, it’s just a place for me to practice and feel young again.
  • Being a very petite woman, I lacked upper body strength it was virtually non-existent and when I first started pole dancing, I found myself slipping off the pole and barely being able to hold myself up without some sort of help. With perseverance, I have managed to go above and beyond my goal and have more upper body strength that most of my teammates. It’s made me feel more confident with myself and gives me more confidence when I am walking along the street. Aside from the strength my arms also don’t have a patch on Madonna’s, however, I don’t mean to brag.
  • Mine is less to do with what happened to my body and more what happened to my mind when I began pole dancing. I had always been into fitness and dancing but still felt quite uptight whenever I performed, being involved in pole dancing allows me to just let go and express myself. I see pole dancing as a form of art and being able to contort my body into moves and shapes that would never have seemed possible a few years ago helps me clear my headspace and really become at one with myself, I have found the confidence it has given me has been vital to my mental health.

More Things It Does To Your Body

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As you can see a few different women of all ages and sizes have all had different experiences with pole dancing, some mentally and others physically but it is summed up in a few words: it’s amazing. Aside from what we have said about pole dancing and what it does to your body here are a few other things it does:

  • Improves flexibility
  • Gives you a cardio workout
  • Amazing resistance training
  • Intense strength training
  • Become a lot more toned
  • A form of art
  • Gives you confidence (here’s an article about pole dancing confidence I think is a brilliant read)

It’s quickly becoming one of the most talked about and sought after fitness classes worldwide and if you haven’t already tried it out, you should do so now. Any age, weight and height can join in, they have beginner classes and classes for more advanced pole dancers, so ask your local pole dancing instructor which would be best suited for you and don’t leave it any longer. You will see why it is so popular amongst people from all over the world.

Keep on dancing and thank you for reading.

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