About Our Pole Dancing Website

about our pole dancing blog (1)

Pole dancing, belly dancing, and dancing, in general, is a passion of ours. We have been dancing for a combined 45 years and consider ourselves experts in this field, pole dancing especially is one of our main loves, the things it does to the body, the way it looks and everything that comes with it makes for plenty of conversations between us all and that’s why we chose to start this pole dancing inspired website.

Being able to share our tips, experiences,¬†lessons, and tricks on pole dancing and being able to help other pole enthusiasts in the meantime is something we are all very excited about and something we can’t wait to lift off.

If you’re a pole dancing newbie, a professional, looking into it for fun or looking into it for some serious reasons, you have come to the right place. All of us combined want to help you when it comes to pole dancing and whether that’s with the right shoes, the right pole or even a course that can help you learn how to do it properly, this is the place to be.

aboutDid you know that pole dancing is becoming one of the most popular hobbies among young women, it no longer is looked at as being something solely reserved to strip clubs, it has taken off and is becoming something of a sport, something you can do to enter competitions, something you can use to tone your body and something you can do in your spare time because it’s fun and enjoyable. This huge leap didn’t seem possible when we all first started pole dancing for fun, a lot of people looked at us as if we were ‘dirty’ but now it’s a trend and we saw new pole dancing classes popping up everywhere.

Some of the top benefits of starting pole dancing are:

  • Tone your body
  • Great exercise
  • A different form of expression
  • A new and popular dance phenomenon
  • Lots of moves to master
  • A new hobby to learn

As you can see there are so many benefits of starting pole dancing, but these are just a few plucked from the top of our heads,¬† there are so many more reasons out there. Join our pole dancing revolution and help us make it into a dance and sport that’s taken seriously, let’s not allow it to be purely used in dirty clubs, it’s a wonderful piece of dance and art that everyone should be able to enjoy.