Is Pole Dancing Good Exercise

Is Pole Dancing Good Exercise

Everyone wants to know if pole dancing will help them with weight loss, health and muscle toning and in this article, I have all the answers for you.

So, my name is Cathy and I’ve been pole dancing for years and in that time it completely changed my life, I always wanted to get fit and look after my body I just couldn’t find an exercise that I enjoyed that would help me to stick to working out.

I just found all the cardio and weight training workouts to be so boring and repetitive, I would even go as far as saying that they felt pointless.

I would always start exercising at least two times per year, I’d give it all I had and then within a month or two I would be bored, eating bad food again and back to my old self.

It wasn’t until I hit a low and found healthy eating and pole dancing that I really made a change and that’s what I’m going to tell you about today.

Is Pole Dancing Good For Weight Loss

pole dancing exercises

Pole dancing is ideal for weight loss especially at the beginning when you’re doing the pole dancing cardio workouts to build up your core and stamina, in these months I lost a huge amount of my body fat and saw a massive improvement in how toned I was.

Pole dancing allows you to train using calisthenics, which builds full body strength while involving loads of quick movements and transitions that help raise the heart rate and get the fat burning started.

Some Tips On Losing More Weight Whilst Working Out: 

  • Do a 10-minute cardio warm up before you start your pole dancing workout, this will get your heart rate up and then allow you to 10x your fat burning.

My warm-up consists of skipping for five minutes, then doing thirty jumping jacks, twenty seconds plank and then 30 hill climbers.

If you really want to lose weight repeat two times before your pole dancing workout.

  • Watch what you eat, I didn’t get abs till I started watching my diet and became aware of what I was putting inside my body.
  • Train 4 – 5 times per week, you don’t have to go to hard, just keep your fitness routine regular.
  • Take before pictures and renew them every 3 weeks at the start and then every  3 – 6 weeks once you’re committed.

This helps you see your progression and keeps you motivated, it’s also a great way to work out what parts of your body you want to focus on.

Why Pole Dancing Is Different To Other Exercise

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You have a reason… If you’re like me and get bored of training and then give up, then pole dancing can be a lifesaver.

It’s not pointless when I improve my cardio and core strength I can perform amazing new movements and routines, this makes it more than worth it.

Plus, I enjoy improving and it really motivated me to not be the worst in my class.

Does Pole Dancing Build Muscle?

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If you’re looking to bulk up like a bodybuilder then, no.

If you’re looking to tone yourself up, have an amazing core and be healthy and strong then yes.

Whenever you use your body as the tool for your workout you will get a more natural and strong shape that stays in proportion.

Pole dancing takes a level of muscle to start and if you just look at the pole dancing movements you will be learning you will see how good they are at getting rid of flabby bits and replacing them with rock hard toned bits.

Tips If You Want To Tone Up

  • Take protein every day, I take whey protein in the morning and night, it helps with weight control, strength and keeps your muscles repaired. Not enough protein and all your results will not happen.
  • Sleep 8 hours, we all like different amounts of sleep, but once you start exercising sleep becomes key to being healthy, if you want to get all your muscle gains then a good 8 hours sleep is the most important thing you need.

Does Pole Dancing Count As Exercise


If you’re asking this question then you need to try out a pole dancing workout.

Trust me after the first 10 minutes this question will answer itself.

Pole dancing is an amazing form of cardio, it gets the heart rate up and just like any exercise, it’s really good for your overall health and wellbeing.

If you really want to get the most exercise out of your pole dancing then do a pole dancing workout before you start practicing.

Helpful Resources That Will Help You Use Pole Dancing As Exercise:

pole dacning resources

Now you know exactly what you need in order to see if pole dancing is the exercise for you, but there are a few resources I recommend you check out before you’re done.

Down below are a few things that have helped me get into shape using the pole.

Pole Dancing Warm-Ups

Warming up is important not just for avoiding injury, it also helps you boost your heart rate and increases fat loss and muscle growth.

So, you should always start every workout with a warm-up, below are some of the best warm-ups I recommend you try out:

This infographic is a simple to learn 4-minute workup that I recommend any beginner do before starting stretches or your pole dancing workout.

  • If you’re a little more advanced you can try this warm up and condition training for pole dancing:

These two warm ups will be perfect for the start of your pole dancing journey, if you want more then use YouTube or Google and you will gain access to loads of different warm-ups.

Pole Dancing Exercising Lessons

You will spend a lot of time learning correct pole dancing form, moves and techniques, these build muscle and tone up, but won’t lose weight.

So, it’s good to do a pole dancing conditioning workout before you start focusing on techniques, these will massively increase your fitness gains and help you excel in pole dancing at a much quicker rate.

    • One of the best conditioning exercise YouTube videos:

This video is a little advanced, so take it at your own pace and don’t feel like you have to be anywhere near this level at the start.

  • Short Pole Dancing Workout

This is ideal for beginners, you can repeat it 3 – 5 times for the maximum results.

This will help improve your pole dancing while stretching out your body and building strength/lossing weight.

After you watch this video you can check out the other volumes, they are all on YouTube on the same channel.

I just read this article by mindbodygreen about pole dancing and things people should know, it’s an awesome read.

How To Learn Pole Dancing From Home

I recently finished a two month home practice and in the last two months I impoved my pole dancing abilities by a huge amount, I’ve gotten stronger, impoved my techniques and I’m now a converted online lesson pole dancer.

If you want to try home lessons and see how good it makes you, go and read my online pole dancing case study, it has everything you need to get started and is perfect for busy people who don’t have time to go to lessons aswell as people who want to get really good at pole dancing in a short amount of time, it’s like having a personal trainer.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Pole Dancing

To get to a great advanced level it will usually take a year of constant practice.

Most people get the hang of it around month two and start being able to perform harder moves, but the sweet spot I’ve seen is around 3 months, at that point the muscle memory kicks in and makes it much easier to learn the harder techniques and movements.

Some people are just plain naturals and will pick it up quickly, some take a little longer, it all depends on your current physical shape and weight and whether you will stick to it, these are big factors and if both are good, then you’ will learn at a far quicker rate.

Remember pole dancing is like gymnastics, there’s always room for improvement and some positions/movements will take years to learn.

Pole Dancing Motivation

pole dancing motivation

Losing weight, becoming healthy and building muscle is no one’s job, but yours.

So, if you feel even a slight pull towards something that will allow you to do them things then go for it with everything you’ve got.

The first few weeks will be hard, but once you make it past them things everything will start slotting together, the addiction to training will start and your body and health will thank you by improving your life.

Don’t let anything hold you back and start training that gorgeous body today.

Is Pole Dancing Good Exercise

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