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This blog has lots of contributors. We all work or dedicate some portion of our day to pole dancing and after becoming friends a few years ago we decided to make a blog and share our knowledge,

We are going to meet up for a group picture soon, but until then this introduction will have to do.


cathy right

I’m the main writer on this blog, I’ve done pole dancing for the past few years and I’m the writer of the online pole dancing class review that has actually gone viral, which is probably the biggest thing to happen to me in about 4 years.

I train every day on the pole and I do my best to get better so I can write about it here and help others.

If you send a message in I’m most likely to be the one to answer it.


I’ve recently joined the blog and try to write one article per week.

I’ve been pole dancing for the last 5 years in the erotic sector and I now teach erotic pole dancing.



I’m the second main writer on this blog and I’ve only been pole dancing for 4 years, I am in the process of setting up a pole dancing studio and I’m using this blog to test my teaching ability.

I meditate every day and I teach a small meditation class on the side, I personally think meditation is just as important as pole dancing as it helps me get in the zone when I’m practising them harder moves that require a good head space.



I’m the newbie, I’ve been pole dancing for a year, but before that, I did hip hop, ballet & tap for 10 + years.

I love dancing and I can’t express how much I love to dance on the pole, it’s like mixing gymnastics with dancing and the strength and feeling it gives my body is unlike no other.

I’m looking forward to sharing my views with you ladies and I can’t wait to write more articles.

What Is Our Mission?

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We’re a weird bunch, we love dancing and we like to keep ourselves to a small group of people.

We wanted to do this blog as a way to help others learning pole dancing and more to become friends with other pole dancers.

It’s a beautiful industry and we just want to share our love of pole dancing with other like-minded people.

We aim to help others and although we only talk about dancing and pole dancing we’re going to keep the articles as personal as possible.

We want you to see our lives and want to ask questions.

So, if you have any questions or want to chat with like-minded people send us a message in, if I (Cathy) don’t answer it, Rachel will and you will be on your first step to making some new pole dancing friends and learning new tips.

How You Can Help Us

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Reading our content means the world to us, sharing it helps us out and giving us feedback is really a great help for us.

Any help you can do as a blogger, reader or everyday Joe, is wonderful and we truly appreciate it.

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