Hottest Pole Dancing Routines In The World

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Part of becoming a world-class pole dancer is studying who the best pole dancers are right now and learning from them.

So, I’ve put together a few videos that I consider the hottest, most beautiful pole dancing routines for you to learn and practice with.

Now, you need to pay attention to their transitions, the music, what they wear and how they move, doing this you will find it much easier to copy your favorite moves later.

Also, remember if you need a song inspiration for your routines you can check out our favorite pole dancing songs.

Best Pole Dancing Routines:

So let’s kick things off with this masterpiece from Karo Swen.

It takes some of the best pole dancing moves and she transitions them all together in a very beautiful two and a half minute video.

Then we have this beautiful pole dance performed to thinking out loud by Ed sheeran. It’s truly beautiful to see how she mixed class with some of the more erotic moves. If you pay attention to this video you can definitely learn a thing or two.

If you’re looking for some of the best combos this is the pole dance routine for you. Julia really does take pole dancing to the next level in this video and she shows amazing amounts of strength, flexibility, and form while doing some of the hardest pole dancing moves.

This routine is the one to watch if you’re looking to see what fluid, beautiful movement looks like.

In ‘Breathe Me’ you will be sucked in instantly with perfect movements that don’t even involve the pole.

Something people always forget with pole dancing is the movements both involve in-between moves and while you’re not on t pole, if you master these with confidence your whole pole dancing game will go from a 5 to a 10.

Here’s another video from Ava Madison where she shows some sudductive pole dancing moves flawlessly. The control she has, the momentum and the confidence makes this one of the hottest pole dancing videos on the internet.

If you’re looking for a whole routine broken down perfectly in front of a live audience then Maddie Sparkle is going to be your girl. Not only is she one of the best pole dancers in the world she also came 2nd in the miss pole dance Australia:

Must Watch Pole Dancing Lessons While You’re Learning

One of the best pole dancing videos I’ve come across that wasn’t in the online classes I take was this A – Z pole dancing video, it’s fillmed perfectly and walks you through all the most important pole dancing moves:

Next we have a great workout you should try doing, it’ll strengthen your body and in-time allow you to practice some of the harder pole dancing movements that you have seen in this article.

Other Pole Dancing Resources:

If you liked watching the videos above, but would like to see if you have what it takes to perform like the women above then I’ve listed some resources to get you started.

The Best Online Classes

I now swear by online classes, you can learn more in these easy to watch, private lessons than you can in most pole dance classes.

I’ve been to loads of classes and I’ve learned a lot, but nothing in comparison to what I learned in just 2 months of taking these pole dancing classes, it took me from a 6 to a 10 in a matter of months and if I could go back and start again I’d do this first and then start taking normal lessons.

Where To Buy A Pole Dancing Pole

price of pole dancing pole

You may be thinking that poles cost hundreds of dollars when in fact the one I use I picked up on Amazon for $88 and it works like a dream.

I’ve had no issues with it and it works the same as of the poles I’ve used that cost $1000.

With pole dancing a lot of the moves are learned at home because you only get so long in a class and most of us don’t let go, especially at the beginning, so it makes it easy to learn and get down and dirty.

Do You Need A Crash Mat? 

I always recommend getting a crash matt as it helps me let go, you can get them on Amazon for around a hundred dollars or you can use gym material and cut it out to fit around your pole, I’ve seen people do this, it works just as well and costs 20 bucks.

At the start you usually won’t need one, but once you start getting involved in the more advanced sides of pole dancing they can come in handy, especially if you take a fall.

How Long Will It Take You To Learn?

hottest pole dancing videos

With all that advice above and if you practice every day and work hard, it won’t be long till you’re at a high level.

With the advice above most people take a few months to get the muscle memory, a few extra months to get good form and then another few months perfecting what they’ve learned.

If you do that then it won’t be long before you’re a top-level pole dancing able to show off your abilities anywhere there’s a pole.

You can speed up learning by checking out our article on how to better your pole dancing skills.

Is Pole Dancing Good For Fitness And Burning Calories?

pole dancing motivation

The last question I’ll answer is one I get all the time and its people asking whether pole dancing is a good form of exercise and truthfully it’s the best kind of exercise.

I found it hard to stick to any normal training, I’d just get bored and then quit after a few weeks, it wasn’t till I found pole dancing that I got a type of exercise I was addicted too and at that point I stuck and never stopped, since then my body has become tonned all around, my saggy bits are no longer saggy and my health and wellbeing is through the roof, not to mention I lost loads of weight and become really flexible.

Pole dancing is like yoga, calisthenics and a cardio workout all mixed into one and that’s why it’s hard to find un-fit pole dancers, whether you like it or not it’s going to get you into shape.

hottest pole dancing videos

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