How To Get Better At Pole Dancing

how to get better at pole dancing

My name is Chloe and I am one of a few women that work on this pole dancing inspired website.

All of us have different experiences with pole dancing, some are more advanced than others and some just do it for a bit of exercise and fun. However, something we can all agree is that practice makes perfect.

Most people will tell you that learning how to get better at pole dancing comes down to practising and perfecting your moves but there are few more tips and tricks that we wanted to share with you that will help you advance in your pole dancing and eventually progress in whatever direction you’re taking this amazing sport in.

Practice Other Areas…

Aside from perfecting moves you have learnt on the pole do some ab exercises, upper body exercises and work on your strength at home. You don’t have to go crazy and workout every single day but working on your core and upper body a few times a week, away from the pole will do wonders to your body and allow you to progress on the pole and perfect tricky moves.

Attend Classes At Home…

This one might sound a little weird but I promise you a few of us here use this course and haven’t looked back. It’s an amazing online course that allows you to learn everything there is to learn about pole dancing, from beginner moves all the way up to more advanced tricks. The course teaches you how to strip, it gives you great advice, exercises and so much more. My friend did a whole review on this online pole dancing class that I really recommend reading.

Listen To Advice…

If there’s a move I just can’t perfect I ask my teacher for advice and feedback or I simply go home, switch on my computer and watch others doing it on YouTube. Now that I have an at home portable pole, it’s a lot easier to just get on it whenever I feel like it.

Get A Pole…

I bought this inexpensive and reliable portable pole that you can set up in your own home. This allows you to practice whenever you have a spare few minutes and really work on making yourself better on the pole so that you shine in your lessons.

Confidence Is Key…

Being confident about being on the pole is something we all have to master. Jumping on and thinking you are going to fall will make you more nervous, we all know the saying ‘fake it until you make it’ and this goes without saying for pole dancing. Be confident, be strong and make it work!

Eat Well & Stay Hydrated…

Because pole dancing is all about being strong, going to a class running on empty or running a chocolate bar isn’t going to be sufficient. You need to keep your strength up in order to get better at pole dancing, eat a healthy balanced meal a few hours before going to class and make sure to always bring a large bottle of water that you can sip on throughout your class.

Practice Makes Perfect…

The age-old piece of advice given to anyone looking to improve their skills in something is to practice, practice, practice. Dedicating yourself to something and perfecting every toe point, ever finger point, every arm movement and everything in between is how you are going to get better at pole dancing. Imagine yourself doing it perfectly before you go to sleep at night and before you try and execute the move the next day.

I hope some of these tips have helped in learning how to become better at pole dancing, if you need any more help just leave your questions in the comments below and one of us will get back to you.

pole dancing tips

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