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best pole dancer ever

Since I began writing on this blog I’ve taken a break from practicing pole dancing and a few weeks ago was the final straw, I was so desperate to get back on the pole. I had to learn some new techniques, I’ve moved to a new town and there are no pole dancing studios for me to go to without a 30-minute drive.

That drive was out of the question and so I decided to search for online pole dancing lessons (I wasn’t sure if they were even a real thing).

After lots of searching and loads of review reading, I settled for a pole dancing course with amber starr.

This course has over 100 videos, 50 different moves, combinations, routines, choreography and is completely packed with info, I felt like it was the perfect fit.

I also found a link that gets $80 off the price (discount link), so it was a complete no-brainer to go for these online classes.

So, after 2 months of trying this course here are my views, advice and case study…

What Do You Get Inside The Course?

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Buy Online Pole Dancing Classes I Used Here

You get over 100 videos, which is around 6 hours in content, 50 different moves, plus combinations, routines, and choreography, all taught by 3 different teachers who teach these different styles:

  • Exotic & stripe tease
  • Core Exercise routines (full body workouts)
  • Aerobic and anaerobic workouts (great for showing off to your friends)

The first two hours covers all the basics and everything you need to know to build a strong pole dancing core and then the rest covers advance combinations, expert techniques and tips all of which will give you a push into a  healthier, sexier, and more confident version of you.

Now, at the start this seemed a little scary, I mean 100 videos is a lot of pole dancing and getting lost in the content was my biggest worry.

However, the way the content is laid out makes it easy to know where you are and if you come across something you already know it doesn’t make you feel guilty for skipping a lesson.

This is ideal for people like myself who already know quite a lot of pole dancing techniques and want to work on the more advanced parts of this sport.

On top of that, you get a complete pole dancing dictionary of moves, with every move from beginner, intermediate and advanced, this is a must-have reference book for all dancers.

You are given conditioning and fitness videos, that help with weight loss, body sculpting, core strength and power, this helps you to get strong enough to complete the more intense moves.

Finally, you get lifetime updates, a one-on-one call with Amber and the best routines from pole dancing champions, this allows you to watch world-class performances and learn from their routines.

What I’ve Learned From The Course So Far

online pole dancing classes

When I started this course I was a sceptic, I had done my fair share of ‘real’ pole dancing classes and I saw this as a last option as I had no way to get to a pole dancing studio.

I thought about buying the course for about a week and it wasn’t until I found an $80 discount link and saw it had a 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked, that I realized I probably should buy it.

Being indecisive and all I still felt like waiting another week to see if something better came along, however, after seeing my friends (the other writers on this blog) thriving at pole dancing when I was just sat idle made me a little jealous and I just went for it.

It’s now two months later and I made myself stick to practicing the course every day, 5 days per week and I can honestly say I’m amazed.

Now, I half expected the course to be too easy, badly recorded and not teach me anything new…


Because I’ve never bought an online course and there were a few typo’s on the main sales page, as a writing snob, this was a red flag.

However, I’ve never been so wrong.

I’d like to say it wasn’t worth the time and money, but in the past 2 months, my pole dancing skills have grown better and stronger than ever.

I’m now more confident on the pole and in real life.

The course allowed me to learn techniques I’ve struggled with for years and it helped me fix some of my biggest errors during its beginner section.

I thought I was better at pole dancing than I was and this course has helped me fix that and get to the level I need to be on to feel confident writing this blog.

So, before I go into the real nitty-gritty and tell you exactly what I’ve learned, I want to answer a few question I had before I bought this course…

…Which Is Better Online Or Real Life Classes?

As someone who has attended her fair share of real classes and just experienced her first online course, I’d have to say my opinion has been flipped upside down.

Obviously, there are some benefits to real-life classes, but it’s more to do with socializing and meeting people with the same passion.

As learning goes I found these online classes are far easier to learn with, it’s like having a private lesson that you can repeat any time you like with a click of a button, but there’s some other benefits and cons like…

  • You get to learn everything at your own pace, sometimes real life classes can be more/less advanced than you want and this makes it frustrating/boring for you.
  • It’s far easier to learn exotic dancing and stripteases in the comfort of your own home (I really found myself letting go and that improved my dancing tenfold).
  •  You pay once and get everything there is to know about pole dancing, instead of going to classes and having to pay thousands to learn just as much spread over years instead of months.
  • These online classes are structured better than any class I’ve been too, they taught me new stretching and warm-up routines, core exercises, and aerobic workouts and that’s not including all the pole dancing advice, techniques, and moves you get to learn.
  • If you hate it, you get all of your money back. I don’t know any real-life classes that offer that deal.

Even if you do attend real classes I recommend you try this course, it’ll give you a massive edge and even if you’re a teacher I’d highly recommend you check it out as you learn lots of new tricks you can teach others.

My Review Of This Pole Dancing Course

pole dancing courses review

So, is this really something that everyone will benefit from getting?

Well, the only way to find out is with this pro’s and con’s I spent the last 2 months writing:

Pros of This Course:

  • You can practice anytime you want. 

I like to practice in the morning and in the night for just over an hour, this allows me to work on my time and not a teachers time.

  • You don’t have to go to a busy dancing class, this saves time and money.

Pole dancing classes are usually busy and this stunts your learning as you can’t ask questions and get the feedback you need.

  • You don’t have to pay for each lesson.

If you go to a pole dancing class twice a week, then it’s likely to cost you around 80 – 100 dollars per month. Over the space of a year that’s 1200 dollars, this is 47 dollars and it takes you through everything you need to know.

  • You get taught at every level.

If you go to a pole dancing class they will teach you all at the same time, this can be really hard if there are intermediates and beginners in the same group.

  • I feel more comfortable in my own home.

When you’re doing exotic dancing and practicing your striptease (which is very fun), it’s a little awkward at classes and I hold back, at home I find it much easier to get out of my head and just go for it.

  • No small talk.

Anyone who goes to a good pole dancing class will know that there is lots of chatting, this is great, but when you really want to learn it’s sometimes nice to just zone out and dance.

  • Can be done anywhere in the world.

Not all of us live in cities, if you live in a small town there’s likely no studio that teaches pole dancing, in these situations this course is a life saver.

  • Allowed me to build my skill from beginner to intermediate.

I thought I was better than I was when I first started this course and after 2 months I’ve learned so much more than I have in the past year, I’ve fixed mistakes I made, corrected my form and learned techniques I had avoided for years.

Cons Of This Class

  • There’s no social aspect

As much as I enjoy staying at home and practicing, it can be nice to meet like-minded people at a class.

  • Typo’s on sales page. 

I noticed a few typo’s on the sales page, this made me worry if the quality was good at the start, but once I bought it I saw that the videos and content inside is perfectly filmed and has no typos.

  • No feedback

The best thing about going to a class is that you can get feedback from the dance instructor.

Obviously you get no feedback from this course, however, I found a really cool trick.

You can either get a mirror and place it in front of your pole, this will help you see how you look.

Or you can get a camera/phone, buy a cheap tripod and film yourself, this helps you correct your form and in my experience it actually helped me more than having a teacher watch me, because I’m able to grab the camera whenever I want, as the teacher is only available a few minutes (if any) every lesson, here’s a guide on how to film yourself dancing.

My Results With Pole Dancing Courses

best pole dancing classes

What do my results look like after months?

Well, before this I had done pole dancing for a few years but was definitely a bit rusty as I had been out of practice for a while.

I expected to skip the beginners part, but I decided to give it a try and girl I’m glad I did.

This part really helped me break bad habits and learn moves I should of learned years ago.

The first thing that really helped me was the stretching and warmups, then the transitions and combinations, the advice there is worth $100 on it’s own.

I then learned all the climbing moves, spins, leg hooks, drops and stationary dance moves, and was shocked at how much I’d never been taught in the classes I had been too.

It was like gaining access to a secret vault of amazing pole dancing moves and after the two months, I was actually a little annoyed with the money I had wasted over the years going to real classes.

Amber and the other teachers helped me break down what I’d been previously taught and build it back up to a much higher standard in a fraction of the time using their quick, easy to understand videos.

I can’t express how much time you will save as a dancer getting an online course like ambers, I’m not sure if it’s the fact you can keep replaying the advice or that you listen better when it’s one-on-one, maybe it’s just the confidence you gain being in your own home, either way this shrunk my learning time down to a fraction of what it once was.


best pole dancer ever

I liked it so much I’ve recommended it to a few of my friends (writers on this blog) and they fell in love with it too and then asked me to do this review on it.

When you look at it like this there’s no risk, if you don’t like it you can just get your money back and it’s all through Clickbank so you know your money and refund is guaranteed.

If you do like it then you will learn more than ever before in a short period of time, brush up on your pole dancing knowledge and become a better dancer.

This course is for everyone from beginner to expert and it can teach even teachers a thing or two.

I look forward to continuing my pole dancing journey and I’ll keep updating this article as I improve myself.

If you want to buy the exact online classes I did just go to Amber Star pole dancing lessons, there.

Questions I Had Before I Started

I always have so many questions before I spend any money, so I’ve tried to answer all the questions you might have about the course below.

If I missed a question you have then use the comments below and I’ll make sure to answer it within a few days.

Who Is This Course For?

First I would say if you’re like me and just can’t get to pole dancing lessons then it’s an absolute must buy, but it’s also great for…

  • People who are insecure and want to build a core understanding of pole dancing before they attend a class.
  • People who want to build amazing core strength, lose weight and tone up all while having fun.
  • People who can’t afford the cost of going to classes.
  • People who love learning about pole dancing and want the best lessons I’ve seen in their own homes so they can keep practicing them.

Anyone who is passionate about pole dancing or just wants to give it a go will benefit from this course and I say that as someone who has completed this course in less than two months and improved my pole dancing abilities more than I have had in a year.

What Do I Need To Start Pole Dancing?pole dancing fitness

You only need a stable pole dancing pole, which you can get on Amazon for around $80 for a good one, the one I purchased was this portable dancing pole, it can be put up in any room in a matter of minutes and is super stable.

If you’re serious then I’d also recommend you get…

  • Crash Matt

These start at around $95 (cheap crash matt here) and go around your pole stopping you from hurting yourself if you fall.

In this course, a crash matt won’t be needed, but if you try the more daring stuff as you advance, it’s far nicer to land on a crash matt than a hard floor.

You can save money by getting foam gym pads and cutting them into shape, it doesn’t look as nice, but it does the trick.

  • Dry Hands

As a pole dancer I swear by this lotion, it enhances grip like no other and makes pole dancing much easier.

There’s no greater enemy to a pole dancer than sweaty hands and Dry Hands completely stops that.

  • Other Stuff

Some people get pole dancing gloves, shoes and thigh, ankle and arm protectors, I personally don’t use any of this as I find after a few weeks your skin will toughen up and if it doesn’t, then you can buy the protectors for certain areas instead of your whole body.

Can Anyone Start The Course?

It helps to have a foundation of fitness before you start pole dancing, this helps speed up the learning process.

You don’t have to be ripped, just a little fit as pole dancing will build your core strength, give you a smoking hot body and help you lose weight.

You can use YouTube tutorials to see if you can do some of the basic pole dancing moves, if you can complete them then you will have no problem starting this online course.

You should also check out this article by lifehacks about the health benefits of pole dancing.

How Much Does The Course Cost ($80 Discount Link)

The course costs $127 and for that price you can literally save thousands of dollars on class lessons.

However, I’ve got a discount link, this link gives you $80 straight off the price, making the course just $47, which is just amazing.

Will It Help Me Lose Weight And Get Fit?

Yes, the lessons in this course have helped me get myself in the best shape of my life, both physically and mentally.

The movements get your heart racing in no time and the progression is perfect for a beginner to intermediate pole dancer.

It has a nice pace and is the best, most addicting way to get fit and healthy that I know.

You can also take a look at the calories you burn from activities like dancing using this chart.

Money Back Guarantee

You get a 60 day 100% money back guarantee, which is ideal for people who don’t know if pole dancing is for them.

The lessons are flawless and hopefully that 60-day money back guarantee will give you the confidence to give it a try, it helped me go for it and I would honestly never look back.

Wow, that was a very long article. I hope I managed to cover everything. I usually wouldn’t do an article like this, but I just feel there are so many people like me who either don’t have the time to go to pole dancing classes or feel a little insecure about attending them, this course allowed me to follow my passion deeper than ever before, all from the comfort of my home, something that’s changed my life.

If you need any guidance or help, the comments are always open, so please use them.

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  1. I’ve always heard that pole dancing is a great way to increase overall core strength and tone. I’m gonna try it! Sounds like a great alternative to the same ole gym routine that’s for sure.

  2. Seems like a great way to exercise and keep you in shape. It looks hard to do though.

    • I thought it was going to be extremely hard when I first started out, we all did, but once you build up your core and upper body strength, everything else comes naturally. It’s the best exercise I have ever done (it helps that it’s so fun). – Cathy xx

  3. I like that you can practice at your own time, this suits my way of life. I am busy enough but this can squeeze in easily.

    • woo! I can’t wait for you to give it a go, it’s ideal for people like you who are too busy to go to classes. Good luck!! – Cathy xx

  4. I’ve never done pole dancing so my first thought was: what if you don’t have a pole at home? I didn’t know you could buy one straight out of Amazon. Thanks for the interesting read.

  5. This has also been my concern for pole dancing classes. Moving to another place especially when there are no studios in the area is a bummer- then only to find out the next studio is 2 hours away. I’ve considered following an online pole dancing class before but haven’t decided when to start. Thanks for the suggestion taking Amber Starr.

  6. You know, most people think pole dancing is just sexy dancing that strippers do. But they don’t know how much core strength it actually takes to do this type of dancing. It, along with other dances, are art in it’s own right.

    • I totally agree with you, it takes so much strength and dedication to become good on the pole. – Cathy xx

  7. This is amazing! I have always loved exotic dancing styles like this and bellydancing!

  8. Okay I have never tried pole dancing but, being practical I would think that real life classes would better help a newbie than an online class, but anyway just saying. I have to confess I have always been thrilled with pole dancing classes attending one would definitely be fun.

    • Completely get what you’re saying but for a newbie, I feel like the course and going to a class can go hand in hand. I learnt far more from the course than I ever did in a lesson and I know i am not alone, plenty of people say the reason they still go to actual classes is to interact with people. Where they have learnt to pole dance is actually going at it alone from home.

  9. Great information just what I was looking for! However that pole on Amazon says unavailable. Do you have an alternative recommendation?

    • Hi! It says available on my computer, perhaps you just need to look for alternative sellers that ship to your country 🙂

  10. Well, its sounds very ok to me. I find it difficult practicing but maybe a little encouragement is enough.

  11. The course is interesting. I find it more impressing to learn online. Its easier and convenient. Thanks for the post.

  12. Thank you for this! I never thought that pole dancing could be taught online. I’m glad that I can now learn this at home.

  13. Pole dancing has become my stress reliever ever since my fiance broke up with me. I became more confident with my body. I’m glad that I can improve my skills in the comforts of my home.

    • I am so glad you found something so wonderful to help you gain confidence and relieve some of that stress. – Cathy xx

  14. I maybe bias to this but if Pole dancing is a thing it is porn. Let us be honest it has that reputation.

    • I think this is the kind of stigma we need to change about pole dancing. For years we have been using it as a tremendous workout, a way to build, strength, confidence, flexibility and so much more. It shouldn’t be looked at as a ‘dirty’ thing anymore, it’s a huge form of fitness and is growing more and more popular each day.

  15. I get what you are saying Alex. However, it is being change now to a form of workout too. Yeah pole dancing have a new definition.

  16. Thanks for sharing your experience. I think you can also found a lot of pole dancing lessons on YouTube. I learned a lot of skill just by watching there. Just be patient and you can find a quality one.

    • You can definitely find more moves and skills to master on YouTube, I do it all of the time. The course is fantastic because it allows you to actually learn rather than just ‘copy’ but it’s definitely something I do quite a lot!

  17. I’m glad to hear about your journey on Pole Dancing but, I’m hesitant to try online pole dancing classes. I believe that it is better to do it in a studio with the proper equipment and with an actual trainer

    • Some people prefer being with a trainer for the social aspect but I much prefer just being at home and doing it in my own time. I think for people who still want the social the best thing to do would be to attend regular classes and train at home when you have the spare time. – Cathy xx

  18. I’m not much familiar with it but it sounds like a great idea to stay in shape and actually i have seen its getting very popular world over. Would be better to try online though.

  19. Seems intriguing. Back then, I’ve always wanted to learn pole dancing because of its benefits but I’ve always been very shy with people that’s why I never had the guts to go to a real session but as said about the videos of the pole dancing course with amber starr. I suddenly wanted to learn pole dancing again! Thanks for the informative and cool article!

  20. I honestly find the entire thing embarrassing to do but the benefits just got me intrigued. I mean, I’d love to get lean like that as I’ve gone through endless list of fad diets with little to no results.

    • Honestly just let go of the embarrassment, especially if you’re learning pole dancing from home. It’s an amazing way to get fit and once you build up your confidence you won’t want to hold back. – Cathy xx

  21. Thank you for such an in-depth review. You’ve just given a whole lotta women a good idea what pole dancing is and what it’s not. Good job!

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