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7 tips to make your pole class better

How am I making my pole class more difficult than it needs to be? This is the question of the day. Here’s the backstory: Today on the way to the studio, I saw a family that reminded me of how … MORE

Meditation is like magic

Meditation is like magic. Somebody wise once said to a group of half way paying attention people.....wait, hang on-- let's make this story more spectacular. It's going to become a lie, but it'll be a … MORE

Writer’s Block

Is it possible for one to be struck with a debilitating case of writer's block, when one has literally not written anything in almost a year? Isn't it supposed to happen after long stretches of … MORE

What Shoes Are Best For Pole Dancing

I can't tell you how many people show up to their first pole class in completely unrealistic shoes. That is only because, unless you have been a stripper, how on earth would you know which shoes are … MORE

History of Pole Dancing

When you see women pole dancing in various venues, whether you see them in clubs, in gyms or on YouTube, I bet you shout, "Hot damn! I urgently need to know what historical events and cultural norms … MORE